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    Can You Beat a Computer At Rock-Paper-Scissors?

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    haha great game. In novice mode I beat the computer NP. In veteran it was really good. Still beat it though

    Can't pick the same thing more than 2 times in a row because the computer picks it up. In novice mode it really messes it up if do that.

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    Great find. The learning feature of the program is hard for me to grasp because it assumes the player will make consistent moves over time. I remember when the IBM Big Blue computer finally beat chess grandmaster. It signalled a new era in artificial intelligence. I gather that computers are now close to beating best poker players too. Its hard for me to grasp because, unlike most games, poker allows for the bluff. How do you teach a computer to discern the bluff because by definition a bluff is not "rational." Unless, the human player always falls back on some consistent pattern no matter how hard they try not to.

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    on veteran i scored a 31-28-41...I was winning big till 60 and i started to rush it

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    I did novice and the best I did if i can remember correctly was something like 50-38-46. Great time killer at work!

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