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    a hurricane I had in here for a spring startup is showing some ignition issues. Of course that's after I cleaned nine years of sludge out of the carbs and fuel system.

    fires up allright..but it seems to get a kill signal intermittantly,,no telling when it will crap out.

    it's got the old ignition box 4060148

    thing cranked over when I fed it some premix before I started the carb work..who knew the ignition would be on the fritz.

    already moved the purp/red line over to the orange line to see if it was the start/stop.

    sure could use some advice here..I tell this guy he needs a whole new ignition, I'll have another lot queen for the season

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    Quote Originally Posted by nmpeter View Post
    ... fires up ...but it seems to get a kill signal intermittently, no telling when it will crap out.

    it's got the old ignition box 4060148...
    An Ignition Update Kit may well be what it needs.

    That said, first isolate the CDI kill wire. Tape it off so the CDI doesn't see any signal at all on the kill wire.

    Also put the CDI Red/Purple wire back with the other Red/Purple wires. That way you are ensuring solid battery power to the CDI. The Orange wire gets power through the LR module.

    On that point, check that the electrical connections all the way back to the battery are indeed 100% reliable. A dirty power feed to the CDI can cause strange problems. Same is true for a flakey ground connection.

    Sometimes the Reset button (aka circuit breaker) gets weak/dirty with age.

    If all the power and ground feeds check out, and isolating the ignition kill wire doesn't keep the motor running, then the original CDI/stator are suspect.

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    Make sure you are running resistor plugs, if not, then stray RFI will shut down the CDI randomly, But it will start right back up and run some more.

    Don't ask me how I know this.

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    The kill switch on my Hurricane occasionally gets stuck and prevents it from running. I would suppose that a faulty kill switch could intermittently be cutting the ignition power.

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