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    Question on advanced search feature

    On the old forum template I found it MUCH easier to search for old threads. I've noticed that when I do a search using multiple keywords it will show me results containing any of the keywords instead of all of the keywords. Example...I searched for an old thread discussing Formula One & got hundreds of results containing just the word "formula" or just the word "one", so I had to scroll through pages & pages of irrelevent results to find the thread I was looking for. I tried enclosing keyword phrases in quotation marks like you can do with google search but it doesn't work the same.

    Is there a way to have it only show results containing all keywords?

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    Well, you can use Google directly using plus each search word with a plus sign prefix.

    In your example, that would mean using Google to search for; +formula +one

    The primary disadvantage to this method is that it is difficult to confine the search to just one forum. For some forums you can add the forum section to the search; +formula +one +general +discussion

    Hmmm - well, this method USED TO work fairly well
    Right now it looks like Google's search result links for Greenhulk is broken.

    But the cached Google links seem to still work, so you can at least see/read the cached thread

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    oh crap.

    the last few weeks of random outages was google re indexing greenhulk. i had to remove the SEO features which hosed the links google has for us. I've sent in new sitemaps to the main search engines and the links should be fixed soon... i hope

    vbulletin built in search has always sucked! i'll see what i can come up with to help with searching.

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