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    How many people are still running 04-05/ PRE- 06 exhaust valves??? How many hours??

    Hey guys,
    Just wondering how many people are still running the 04-05/PRE- 2006 valves that are prone to dropping???
    Fresh water or salt water???
    stock or raised Rev limiter?
    How hard is it to swapp them???
    Pulling the head and changing the valves would be a breeze....
    But how tuff is it to get the Timing right???

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    Thanks for posting this. I just bought a used ski and took the valve cover off and found out my valves are the 72's. At least the Super Charger had the metal washers. I need to know the same thing as It has 48 hourd on it.

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    I've still got the stock valves in my 04 rxp, I've got 156 hours on the clock right now, all fresh water. I planned maybe at some point this summer doing valves and having the head ported and polished. I've probably got a ticking time bomb in all honesty, I bought the thing last summer with 120 some odd hours on it and sent my s/c to jerry for a rebuild and washers, my s/c still had original ceramics still intacted. Might have just got lucky or a very well maintained and easy ridden machine. But that is not the case now lol

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    mine 180hours on a 04rxp 100% salt water and up to know still stock rev no issues yet on valves

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    I was told by a member a while ago that to check the valve #'s you need to disassemble more than just the valve cover. Sounds like you just pulled the cover... Is that all you need to do to read the #'s?
    I have an early 06 and apparently some of them had the old valves.

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    05' with 236 hours - mainly fresh water - stock limiter.

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    I've put 206 hours on the 05 valves with zero issues.... before changing them out. 8100 rpm, fresh & salt water. These valves seem to hold up just fine if the ski is ridden often, and when winterized properly. Corrosion - rust is what causes these valves to stick & get smacked by the pistons.

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    I had an 06 with the old valves. Doing a rebuild now but lasted me about 140 hours. 75% salt/25% fresh

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    The 04 I just bought still has them. Ski has 163.7 hours on it. The ski was used in both Fresh and Salt Water. Plans are to change them with the ones I have taken from my 06. I am a fan of fogging the ski every few weeks or so for added protection.

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    I ran my 2005 for 100 hours on stock ECU, then about 100 hours on Riva ECU, so total of around 200 hours on stock 2005 valves, then pulled them and put in Ferrara valves. Stock valves looked great, but they never were left wet, fired the ski regularly, even in the winter.

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