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    Adding anti freeze for road trip

    I live in the mid west and store the seadoo in the garage during winter, so I don't add anti freeze. But I am going to Florida this spring break and dont want to chance any freezing weather during the road trip. What I did was pump anti freeze into the flush port while my seadoo was running. I wasn't sure what to expect but it seems like I made more of a mess than I thought I would. The anti freeze was coming out of my grate and some out the exhaust. But it never made it up front to come out the front pisser. I was assuming it would do this since the water that flushes through does. I see the clear line inside that is left of the pto has anti freeze in it. You guys think I got enough in it or is it to hard to say??

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    What type ski? If it's a closed loop your concerns are with the exhaust and or intercooler. If it was coming out of the grate I would say you are good. Just because it is freezing outside doesn't mean it will freeze up. The core temp of the engine must drop below 32 and stay there for enough time for water to freeze. I think you are good. If you stored it properly, you shouldn't have any issues. Did you fog the engine prior to storage? If not, I would do that to lube the valves.

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    I usually use 1/2 to 3/4 of a gallon of antifreeze. My ski sits in an unheated garage up north, and I've never had a problem. Once you put the antifreeze in, you can blow it out with compressed air. I know this sounds weird, but if there is no water/antifreeze in any pipes, than nothing can freeze.

    Pauly C.

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