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    Thumbs up Just another 6am Jet Ski Ride PICS

    I woke up early and Jose was already getting gas at 5:30AM. We waited till 6AM to leave the house just to be in the sort of legal time frame.

    We started riding and it started to brighten up.

    No other boats in the area

    Sun was almost beginning to come out

    Waves were 4-6 but ofcourse you can't see that in pictures

    and then the fun started. I only had my iphone on me so all of these pictures were taken with the Iphone 4.

    And the sun came up

    I had a little too much fun hitting the waves myself. Luckily no stitches needed, but the swelling will feel awesome tomorrow. Hit my face against a handlebar landing one of the bigger jumps.

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    Nice photos. Glad your ok man. That looks like it might hurt tomorrow.

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    Thanks. I let another member borrow my camera so I couldnt take any video Iphone started going crazy after the jumps too.

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    Might be helmet time for wave jumping. Looks like you guys had fun minus the blood.

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    Yeah it was a blast. Don't really want to look like an idiot wearing a helmet on the water, I'm no racer. But if it saves my face then why not. I should have worn my mask.

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    That may hurt, but it is still better being out there doing that, than sitting around the house watching the rain. Or like me sitting at your desk at work.
    Looks like yall had a blast. Wish I could have been there.
    A bad day on the water, is still a good day.

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    Quote Originally Posted by troyheb View Post
    A bad day on the water, is still a good day.
    I think this will be my new sig quote hahhaha

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    Those photos are great, I was going to plan a sunset ride but I think I will plan a sunrise ride also. I definitely looks like a good time, except for the blood part. I do like the signature picture.

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    Might as well wear a helmut when going crazy out there. noone will care if you have one on or not.. noone looks out for you out there except you so.. better to bounce off the bars and not get hurt , then eating them someday and loosing teeth.. look everyone, i didnt wear a helmut on my 65 mph ski, lookie what i did, arent i cool? lol now if your just rec riding n cruising, no.. you'd look like a Racing, jumping,or heavy chop, YES. Iv'e come close to eating the bars a couple times. remember that ski weighs like 700 plus lbs thrashing about and twisting as it lands. esspecially getting big air like that. it would be easy smack into it and not much you can do about it either at the last moment before impact to your face. it just happens.

    nice pics by the way.. looks like fun..

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