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    Top End Erratic PET Tach + Prop Q

    Ok guys so i have the sensor wire taped around all 3 plug wires, wrapped atleast 3 times on each then electrical taped to the wire and what happenes is low RPM is fine it sensors it nicely, but when you get it wound up (7500+) she is all over the place reading giberish, if you slow it down a bit it reads fine. Any tips, I think it is set to 120 for the 3 cyl yes?

    Ski is a 2000 gpr with 2007 non PV swap. See Sig for details

    It over revs, quite a bit but i am not sure by how much since its the stock 2000 pump and prop. new ring in it last season but i know it needs a new prop, just not sure what to do. Find a 05+ ho pump and get a prop, or just put a new prop in the stocker and ride it. Does 68 GPS now, i have touched nothing really rideplate and pumpshoe wise as i have no idea what to do there yet lol.

    When she is low on fuel it also likes to buck at low speed, trim anyway you wish so i need to address that issue as well. I have read a lot about it, but i am not sure if it due to the modded rideplate or not.

    Ski is up at the shop sleeping still but i am gonna have a lot of time to kill soon with no more sledding i might as well get working!

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    sounds like at high rpm your on the rpm limiter ,that would cause spark to be erratic .try staggering sponsons to help should address problem before next ride,motor does not like banging off rpm limiter to long


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    Tach should be set on 23:46 and make sure the tach wire is no were near any other wires, it will pick up static and make the tach flip out.

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    Its not bouncing off the limiter i know cause when i hit the limiter i sure know it lol. I am not sure what it says on it for the 23:46 aspect i will check it, but I will try rerouting the wire and go from there.

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    Forgot to mention the sponsons are already stepped.

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