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    Seadoo rxp PTO Bearing and oil leak

    I have a recent rebuild and have replaced motor, checked all the lines. I replaced the oil today and checked it as i should have by waitng 3o secs ...yada yada yada...When i looked in the bottom of the rxp I saw oil in the bottom. I pulled the motor again to check to make sure everything was tight and it was. The only thing I did was run the motor without the drive shaft in place. When looking at the motor I could not find an oil leak anywhere. My question you have to run the drive shaft in place and will the oil leak out if it is not in place? I checked the bearing and the boot around the PTO and they are fine...Can anyone help me with this? I checked all the thread and could not come up with the two clamps that hold the boot on metal?
    The rebuild is a 2004 RXP..
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    Welcome to Greenhulk...

    Yes, you need to have the driveshaft in place or you will piss oil out all over the place...

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    Oh...the oil was approx 3/4 of a the leak has to be big...

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    Thanks Snoman....Gets to be an expensive mistake....

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    Yes it can...LOL..Also when putting the driveshaft in to run the ski make sure your pump is in dont want the driveshaft flopping around...That can become a very costly mistake too..

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