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    Texas registration/inspection/cards....need help


    It looks like I wasnt paying attention over the winter and my trailer registration sticker that is on my tag has expired, expired back in october....I have a few questions

    1) Where do I go to get a new registration sticker for my trailer tag?

    2) Do I have to get my trailer inspected?

    3) You know those registration card things that most people keep on their jet ski, well my jet ski registration cards must have gotten wet and the printed information (vin number....ect...) is no longer visible....where do I go to get a new card printed for each jet ski?

    4) While I am taking care of this, is there anything else you can think of that requires yearly renewals?

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    1) same place you get your tags for your car

    2) no

    3) Texas Parks and Wildlife

    4) no

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