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    engine removed what maintenece should be done

    So i removed my 650 from my 92 polaris to do a little paint and body work. I have the engine on the bench what better time to do maintenece. Im gonna pull the carbs for sure and replace the fuel/oil lines. is there any other things i should do like gaskets of such. oh and the motor ran good before removal.

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    You probably shouldn't open her up too far - if it is running well. Since you have the engine out you should probably do a leak down test to make sure everything is tight then go from there. While you are doing your carbs and fuel make sure you have the upgraded triple outlet fuel pump as well.

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    Be sure to check the bolts that hold the engine to the engine bed plates. Sometimes those bolts get corroded, or loose.

    Those bolts are critical for the electrical system since the battery cable connects to the rear bed plate. That means that heavy battery power flows through those engine mounting bolts to get from the bed plate to the actual engine block.

    If there are signs of corrosion or looseness remove the bolts, clean up the threads in the block, and put it back together with clean metal-to-metal contact. After assembly smear some waterproof grease to keep water and corrosion at bay. Clean up the battery cable connection bolt and bolt hole while you have the bed plate in front of you.

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    Leak down test for sure.

    Maybe check out the reeds while the carbs are off?

    The 92 used individual intake manifolds that need to be properly aligned, maybe look into a good used single piece for cheap? (pay attention to where the oil fittings are located)

    Another nice upgrade might be a set of 780 carbs if you're going to add the triple outlet fuel pump.And the oil fittings won't matter much on the intake manifold since the carbs have the oil injector fittings built in. (not to mention 780 carbs had some upgrades done as the years passed)

    Just something to think about if you have the spare $$$.

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    [QUOTE=K447;1644096]Be sure to check the bolts that hold the engine to the engine bed plates. Sometimes those bolts get corroded, or loose.

    What do ya mean? I ran my ski all last summer with all the bolts out! I never noticed till I grabbed the motor and shook it a little. Yep, all four bolts were completly out laying on the bottom of the hull. Yep, might wanna check that.. LOOSE? thats an Use loc-tite on them.. I was even thinking of drilling holes thru the bolt heads and winding wire thru them and tie them together like in an aircraft.. that would prevent them from moving.

    If you want to go pre-mix, this is a good time to remove the pump gear and oil pump along with the oil lines from the carbs. easy access to mount the oil block off. just a thought..

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