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    Do Seadoo boats have Cats in the Exhaust?

    I want to know because we get really crappy gas here, and I want to know if I can throw some VP C16 (117 octane leaded gas) in with the pump gas to get my octane up.

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    There are no cats, but you are really wasting your money by buying C16.....How much is that stuff going for these days?? 9?? 10?? a gallon???

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    $80.70 for a 5 gallon can retail, BUT you dont have to mix much of it with pump gas to boost octane ALLOT. As you add TTL to gas the first gram per gallon adds a TUN to octane. C16 has 7 g TTL per gallon, doing a 25% mix with 91 pump gas gives you about 102 octane according to VP. I was thinking of just doing 5 gallons mixed with 39 gallons of pump gas (44 gallon tank). This should give around 96 octane This should only affective bring my cost per gallon average from $3.50 a gallon for 91 pump to $4.92 a gallon for a mixed 96 octane.

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    If you really want great gasoline. Get yourself a few cans and go to the local airport and buy some Aviation Gasoline. It is 120 octane, runs very cool and very clean. It by far the best gas you can run in any gasoline engine. Just be sure you get Aviation fuel and not Jet A. Totally differant stuff. But I have been running it in my motorcycles and waverunners for years. But I do have a small airport here on the farm and makes it easy to fill them up here.


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    If you do not have high compression or high boost you will be going slower due to the burn rate of race gas. Save your $$ Run the lowest octane that you can with out detonation.

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