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    Buying Seadoo speedster or challenger

    I just started looking into buying this boat. Seen some 1996 and 97's for about $2000.00
    What are the common problems with these boats?
    Anything in particular i should look for?
    How many hours is considered low hours?

    I'm new to all this in case you can't tell..

    Thank you

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    Compression on the engine/s will tell you a lot, along with the spark plugs. Press all around the boat on the fiberglass to see if it is soft...spongy and soft is bad. Saltwater can cause corrosion inside the engines and along the driveline. Check the smoothness of the throttle and fwd neutral and rev controls, steering, exhaust fan for the engine compartment, check for corosion in the electrical box...gray box behind driver seat. If the seats are ripped, they can usualy be repaired for a few hundred dollars fairly easy. Check battery, bilge pump, lights, inspect hoses, carburators can get alot of crap in them. Change the fuel and oil filters, check the smoothness of the gas switched below the throttle controls. Start the engine/s see how they sound.

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