Planning a trip to Suwannee river for a long camping weekend. The campground will be Yellow Jacket Campground and their website is They have wonderful amentities such as heated pool, jacuzzi, cabins and clean bathrooms. I have booked site #105 but any site in the tent area is pretty close together. It has been 3 years since we planned a trip up here as a club so this should be a great event.

We will be riding north and hitting all of the springs on the rides. The springs are crystal clear and always 72 degrees, bring your mask and snorkel for checking out the springs. A few of the springs have a fee upon entering but it is cheap considering what they offer. This ride will be a tour style ride so all riders should be comfortable with the ride. The total distance is can vary but I will have an accurate distance before each ride so that everyone is prepared. There is only one place on the river this way to buy fuel but there also is one you can walk to with a can if you need to. The key is to be prepared in advance. The details of the rides will be posted before the event. We might plan one long ride of over 100 miles to cover the Sante fe but that will also be planned in advance so everyone is prepared.

We will also ride south down the river to the Gulf of Mexico, this is quite a beautiful ride changing from pine forest to marsh land on the way down river. This is not a long ride being under 60 miles.

We will plan one night around the large fireplace up by the pool for everyones stories and marshmallows.

The springs will include Manatee which we tie off at the dock and walk up to the springs, Fanning springs which you can drive into and dock right up to the springs, this is a kid favorite because of the dock that you can jump off. We will also stop at Rock Bluff and Hart. If we do the long ride we can hit the Ichetucknee as well as Troy, Little river, Guaranto and Royal if the water level is high enough. This is a fantastic river to visit so I hope to see everyone there.

Just the guided tour aspect is a priceless venture if you haven't been on the river before. Some of the springs are easy to find but others are not as noticable.

I would suggest everyone doing this ride bring gloves to ride with. There always is a chance encounter with the sturgeon although this isn't the heavy time of year. The gloves would be added protection for the most exposed area your hands.

This will be a great ride and leisurely type of ride for everyones enjoyment. There is so much to see on the river that you don't want to miss it so we will be doing the tour style riding when you are in the group. There is plenty of time for anyone to get their WOT time when they ride on their own.

As always alcohol will not be tolerated on group rides but we will be enjoying the spirits while at the campground enjoying everyones stories of the day. This campground is very family oriented with a heated pool, jacuzzi and very clean and well maintain facilities. Come and have a great time with us.