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    96 XP with running issues, thoughts ?

    Took my 96 XP out sunday and had a weird issue with it that i'm having a little bit of a hard time trying to diagnose.
    787 with spec 1, bought it around xmas, took it apart, cleaned, and back together, had two test rides, ran flawless. Both days it was fairly chilly and dry weather wise. On this last ride it was hot and humid.
    Then sunday about 5 minutes into the ride, pretty much as soon as I got out of the no wake area and punched it, it started running on one cyl.
    Thought maybe the change in air could be a factor so...
    Tinkered with the low/high speed screws a tad, no joy there, so put them back to the original spot, it basically kept flooding the front carb and then i'd be back on 1 cyl.
    Definitely felt like it was getting too much fuel, and confirmed this when I turned the fuel selector down to almost off, and she'd take off and run like a raped ape ! Repeated that a couple of times and as long as I limited the fuel supply, bam, she ran perfect, for a few seconds of course before she'd run out of fuel.
    Had both carbs off, thought maybe needle/seat but the carb looked ok, the only thing that looked like it needed replacing (which I did) was the check valve it wasn't sealing 100% tight so replaced the whole housing with one that looked perfect. (Always nice when your ride buddy is a retired mechanic so he had parts in his trailer box) but after heading back out, same symptoms, by then it was getting dark and I was frustrated so it was back on the trailer and I headed home.

    Where should I look next ? Thoughts or suggestions ?

    I plan on taking the afternoon off tomorrow and this is a priority so I'd like to figure this out before the weekend, the weather is perfect !

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    Do a search on voltage rectifier for how to test...or just replace your bad one.

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    i believe I have one I can replace that with, i'll try, thanks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by steach View Post
    Do a search on voltage rectifier for how to test...or just replace your bad one.
    +1 on the Rectifier / Regulator Module--Those exact symptoms

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    on the VR, you can just unplug the red wire, to test.

    "IF" you are truely getting too much fuel, it sounds as a needle and seat. i would just replace them. inspection is not always key. you may have one sticking open. i see them fail quite often, and just replace, no questions asked when i am into a set of carbs.

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    thanks guys, i'll be working on it this afternoon, appreciate the input.
    nothing worse than having a beautiful ride plan spoiled by a stubborn ski.

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    grr, out all day with this thing made lots of changes, moved from one problem to another I think.
    replaced wiring harness which was shakey, and checked all connections in the front electrical box, white box ran ok on trailer
    put in water, now instead of 1 cyl i'm getting both, intermittently, no tac but best guess is 3500 ish, so if that makes sense. both cy's running and idled fine but it was almost feeling like it was rev limiting, being as we had a gsx 800 on the trailer too, we had many swappable parts, so started swapping one at a time, eliminating. i'm not the mechanical guru, ride buddy is the mechanic so if I mispeak I apologize.
    rear electrical , checked, no change.
    plugs, check
    tested stator, replaced battery, cdi,, I can replace stator if necessary, but it tested good.

    didn't have a rev limiter on the trailer handy , (hopefully that will override even a bad one in the box ?) but it was at the shop.

    took back to the shop, dont have alternate box with key handy so put on an aftermarket rev limiter, did feel "different" this time on the trailer when revved up, but will have to drop it in the water in the next day or two and see if anything changes.

    if the AM rev limiter doesn't solve it, the next option is replace the front electrical box with a new box/key ?

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    is it possible for a stator to be "ok" when testing with the ohm meter and not "ok" when running on the water, or am I pissing into the wind on that idea...

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    Have you tested the rectifier?
    Charge the battery, unplug the red wire on the rectifier and run it.
    If it runs smooth it's the problem...keep in mind you will not be charging the battery.

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    What do the plugs look like? I would go thru the carbs again.

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