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    92 polaris 650 questions

    ok so i just got a 92 650 and i dont know how to hook up the water hose to it where does it connect to. i have a 97 780 and its easy just remove the plug and install the hose. the 92 dosent have that plug so where can i go in at. also im just wondering on this i noticed there is no bilge pump but found two hose that lay on the bottom and flow out the top is this some kind of water remover. and should i install a bilge pump

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    usually the water intake hose (its comes in with other two hose u were talking about) gets cut and garden hose ends are used to splice it back together. then just unscrew them and hook ur hose up. And the two hose are the autobalers and work pretty good, u shouldnt realy need a bilge pump just make shure there not all blocked up

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    Bilge siphon hoses. Make sure the elbows are mounted up high in the hull, and the tiny breather hole in each elbow is clear. When the jet pump is operating, the bilge siphon hoses have a mild suction which draws water out from the bottom of the bilge in the hull. Make sure the mesh ends are not clogged up.

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