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Thread: 2003 gtx 951 di

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    2003 gtx 951 di

    After rebuild/rebore, how long until full speed is reached?

    As I recall I was getting around 6800rpm...and around 51mph...

    I think I have put on about 2 hrs since the rebuild, varying throttle...some full throttle runs (but not excessive to me)

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    Smile Engine break in

    Hey Buddie

    BRP recommends that you break the bike in for ten hours.

    What your doing to perfect!

    Honestly tho I nomally cant wait the ten hours and hammer down after five hours.

    Have Fun and be saft!

    That bike sould be running high 50's or low 60's.

    Get five plus hours on the ski and see where your running and let me know.

    Tad Andreasen
    Andreasen Racing LLC
    Lake of the Ozarks

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