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    RXT-X S/C to Turbo

    Been Wanting to go Turbo For a While and After a Bearing Faliure on the X charger

    ( Link to that...Yes it was a year ago )....

    Felt that it was a better Time then Ever..Motor was pulled apart and as with this Project it was never to get huge boost or big Speed( I know Thats What its All About) I just wanted something that would run Reasonably close to were I was with the S/C, and being that I was a bit over Skis a chance just to put something together to Better Understand what Works to A certain Extent....

    First Off i Purchased a Manifold Little Did I know that it would require a full re-weld due to Cracks in the Runners...Running such low boost it is probably not even Nessesary but what the hell... Looks good..

    Pic of the Mani when I purchased it...You can see the Crack in the No.3 runner were it joins the Plenum
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Anyway I got a Riva ECU and 50's which I'll try out at some Stage..For now running the Boost Very low at 7psi With the RXT-X ecu and 42's...Got a Reg at 60psi and AFR and BOOST gauge...

    Still Quite a bit to Finish it off and Tidy everything up Still got a bit of testing to do before I get her out in the Deep stuff....Had issues with the Wiring harness got a good second hand one but as you can see in the Vids we run it over everthing just to get it going...Will fix that Later...

    Also I will need to Better the Cooling to the Exhaust and Turbo and some Hull vents will be a must...

    First Pics are of the J-pipe...Got the SKI MD flanges and Welded the waterjacket pipe in Between...Has the O2 sensor in it as well...Sensor works fine at the Moment running 13.5 at Idle and 12.4 as it revs up

    Connecting the Pipe to the Turbo

    Modified the waste gate to make it all more Compact...Will run with this just to see how it goes...Remember low boost

    How it sits on the SKI

    This is my Fav. Bit....Old x Rear S/C housing modified to run the OIL return and also the Bracket to hold the Turbo....Figure the S/C was shit at Boosting the Ski so it could spend the rest of its life holding up the real power

    Oil line run T'd off at the Pressure Sensor.....Note to Self running an anodized fitting means no earth to Pressure Sensor

    Return Oil line run

    Exhaust Made........

    Put in a Gate to help better seperate Exhaust and Waste from the Turbo...

    Assembly complete........

    PIC of it all in the Ski...Staying with the Closed loop for Now...Still need to get a Proper coolant Bottle made up...

    Videos of some testing today

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    Looks good man!! I also thought of using a sc housing for an oil drain!! I dident but the tought did cross my mind LOL

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    Looks great!! I really like what you did with the old SC I may have to steal that idea off ya!

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    just took it for a run...taking it pretty easy...No alarms and apart from the Turbo being F'n hot all seems good so far...13.5 Afr Idle bout 11.8 at 7psi.....Didn't get a look at RPMS but didn't really push it to hard...Boost coming in pretty quick....

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    clean build!!!!

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    What Turbo are you using

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    i got goose bumps just hearing that turbo spool up... love the sound of a turbo 4 tec

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    Quote Originally Posted by boBO View Post
    What Turbo are you using
    Haha the right answer is below

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    It's a Nissan Pulsar GtiR Turbo (T28 slightly bigger front wheel)

    It's running a modified 7psi actuator for now with internal gate.

    It will run upto around 18-20psi with the option of machining out the front housing and fitting a 51mm front wheel which will lift the boost to around 25psi. Of course a fuel change will be needed before putting the boost anywhere up near these levels.

    I also turn the turbo into a divorced dump so the internal gate works on the same principle as an external gate.


    Josh - MetalCraft

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