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    yamaha 701 questions and help please

    i have a motor ouf of a 1996 Wetjet Duo i know very little about. its installed in a 16 foor welded jon boat so i cant find out much about motor. was wondering if anyone had some info about this motor and maybe some upgrade would be greatly appreciated

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    what specifically do you want to know?

    the wet jet used a 61X yamaha 701, that was painted gold. single carb, good motor.

    as far as HP gains, it is like any other motor. you could change to an aftermarket pipe, larger carb, increase compression, advance timming, etc. thing is, i doubt you would see much, if any gians in performance in a "boat". even with this motor in a jet skis, the gains you get from modifications are more low end, throttle response, etc. not to mention, these parts are expensive as there is a high demand for them in the stand up jet ski world, where they use the same motor.

    you would probably be better to redo the boat, and fit in a larger motor, and jet pump.

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    i dont wanna dump a ton of money into boat i was just curious about motor since i cant find alot of info about it thanks

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