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    my 97 gtx wont stay running on water

    my 97 gtx runs fine on land with the hose hooked up but when you put it in the water it dies any ideas

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    is your idle set too low? that would be my first guess. second I would check compression. you may have a bad cylinder. I had the same thing happen. run out of water but died as soon as I dropped it in...turned out I had a lean seizure and deto'd a piston. if the compression is low pull the head and have a looksee

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    running on the hose, there is no "load" on the motor.

    in the water, the prop is turning in the pump, and water, and there is now a "load".

    how long has it been since you gave your machine a tune up / service?

    i see MANY of the 2-stroke seadoo's come through here, with similar propblems. if you have not sone anything to your machine in a while, or at all, i would go through everything. they are known for fuel related troubles.

    here are some highlights;

    check compression.
    clean, and rebuild carbs. use only genuine mikuni parts, and replace needle and seats.
    clean fuel filter / water seperator.
    replace ALL fuel lines.
    check / clean / replace fuel select valve
    replace plugs, and cut plug wires back 1/4 inch
    clean / recondition RAVE valves

    go over every nut, and bolt. check for tightness, check all cables for proper adjustment, check oil lines, all exh and cooling hoses, etc.

    from my personal experiance, i am guessing you have dirty clogged carbs. hopefully you catch it before engine failure. ( low compression on one cyl).

    good luck.

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