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    paging sealion

    man...i was looking at your ski's pictures and found out that my friends skii is same with yours...the x-2?? i don't know really the name...just found out today, i only knew it was a kawasaki skii. can you help me fix my friends skii?? the problem before was the cdi, now, the replacement cdi arrived, the electrician before touch the wirings from the stator and we could no longer trace the wirings for the cdi and my friend is also afraid maybe we could destroy again the new cdi...thanx sealion, i know you helped me a lot already hehehe i hope you could help me again with this project

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    If the problem was just the cdi and you have a replacement, then it shouold be good to go? Can you go into more detail on what happened?

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    when the cdi did not arrived yet...the electrician converted the wiring to use a motorcycle cdi...and then now that person already don't know how to get the wirings back...the wirings from the stator to the really not familiar yet with the engine...thats what my friend told me....

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    That's interesting. The new cdi will have the wire colors and terminal ends on it. You just match it up to the stator wires colors. Oh I'll just attach a scan so there is no confusion.
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