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    15-F screen / display stopped working

    Took the ski out today after a 3 week break on holiday.
    I started it up no worries, was making my way out of the harbour when I noticed the speedo was in miles, it wouldn't register the speed and it was in slow mode.... No way was I going to be driving slow so I stopped and put it to normal mode. Which was ok. After a burn the speedo still wasn't working. Then after another 15 min the screen just shut down. I stopped the ski and turned it off then on again. This time the screen only half worked. I decided to go home as I wouldn't be able to tell if there were any faults...
    The ski worked well and got me home. However the beeper when you start the ski doesn't work and the warning light comes on. Still starts and runs alright...

    Last time I took it out I rolled it however it was turned over the right way and there were no problems afterwards.
    I stored it well, with gaps between the seat and with the cover and a tarp over it.
    Does anyone have any idea what might be wrong??
    I've pulled pretty much everything out and there isn't any water hanging around and there is no rust appearing.
    Common problem??

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    ahhh just got the display off and it was full of salt water....
    Any opinion on flushing it out with fresh water? Metholated spirits? Vodka? . . just kidding I wouldn't waste vodka. and then letting it dry.
    Anyone know of a good crash repairer where I can get a second hand display?

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    More than likely, it's toast.

    I have been able to resurrect one before, however: Inside The Multi-Function Display in Ultra150..STX-R..STX-15F Tech Forum Forum

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    Cheers for that! I've been drying it out over the last couple of days. via the little hole in the back.. Ill try to resurect it.....

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