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    Info from you on adding VTS to an older GTX LTD?

    Its a 98 GTX LTD and wanted to know whats needed to add VTS.This is what i was thinking so straight'n me out if im on the wrong path...this is what i have already 1.complete VTS 2. 99 Xp LTD mpem for the VTS function right? Then i thought i will need a LTD trim nozzle set-up,the switch buttons on the bars and i was going to delete the speedo gauge and replace it with the big vts gauge from a 97 XP? will it work?

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    I would think if you wanted to keep your reverse you would need the 00-03 RX steering nozzle, trim ring, reverse gate setup and the reduction nozzle of the 01 GTX (if you want to keep the 84 mm exit opening) requires drilling new mounting holes for the trim ring setup and maybe some changes to the reverse cable setup or go to the '01 GTX cable too. And of course your handle bar VTS stuff from any 2 stroke ski from 96-04.

    Also, a wire harness from a 98 GSXL-- the 1 that plugs into the VTS and some possible wire length adjustments.

    Small parts for mounting the VTS.

    Relocate the rear electrical box and lengthen the wires where applicable and open the hole in the pump support plate where the VTS assemblly will poke through.

    You don't need the XPL mpem as the VTS function is already in your GTXL mpem.

    Keep us (me) posted as I may do the same to 1 of my skis...

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