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    96 polaris sl780 cdi

    Last sumer the cdi would click a few times before the starter would turn over. I did check it with a light on the red wire going to the stater. When it would just click the light would not come on but when the starter would turn over the light would come on telling me it was getting power. What should i do, change the cdi?

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    Check the 15 amp circuit breaker on the electrical box.

    I had an intermittent one last year on a 1996 slt780.

    If that isn't the problem you should be able to find the electrical diagram by searching this site.

    Trace out the starter circuit and check the connections in the electrical box.

    Also check for any water in the electrical box.

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    Remove, clean, inspect and tighten both ends of both battery cables. Sometimes there is hidden corrosion at the cable ends. Make sure the engine block bolt provides clean metal-to-metal contact for the black battery cable.

    If the problem persists, you may need to replace the start solenoid. It is located inside the electrical box, with the two heavy red cables attached.

    Be sure to disconnect the back battery cable before working inside the electrical box.

    When you did your test with the light, where did you connect the other test wire? The battery negative, or the engine block?

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