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    Fuel pump blows fuse on key insertion.

    It started with the Starter Relay taking 10 tries before it would start, just a subtle clicking noise the first few times. New relay, same issue.

    Now the fuse labeled Gauges keeps blowing as soon as I put the key in. I noticed the fuel pump wasn't engaging, so I unplugged it, no more starting issues, but no fuel either. I tried a fuel pump I know is good, it still blows the fuse.

    What can I do to isolate the real problem?

    05 Challenger 180. I know it's a jet boat, but the motor is the same, and you jet ski guys know your stuff much better.

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    Never mind guys. It was just a fuse. Double check all of your fuses if you're having this issue.

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    since this may be a salt water boat make sure you check all electrical connection

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