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    How long does a full tank of oil last?

    I have a 2000 yamaha gp1200r and was curious as to how long a full tank of oil will last on the ski? It's not premix, all the lines are still completely stock. I filled it up with oil last weekend then filled it up with gas and rode on it that day and wasted a full tank of gas. Do I need to fill it up with more oil or does it not burn oil as fast as it burns gas I guess is my main question. Basically will a full tank of oil last a few gas fill ups or no? Sorry if the question insults anybody's intelligence but Im not too familiar with the ski so want to make sure it doesn't run dry of oil. Thanks for any help.

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    You will get a 2 tank or so out of 1 oil fill. Just keep an eye on it as the oil rate changes with varying RPM's..

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