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    Assembly of Pistons into the Cly head on a 1100T ?

    So I will be putting together this 1100T engine and wonder what tricks or tips or if there is some guidence on best way assemble crank and to install pistons into head--
    It appears the pistons with rings installed need to be assembled on to the crank rods and then the head goes over the pistons? What is best way to do that compress rings and get the 3 pistons into the head correcly?
    I know on auto engines they have a ring compressor and you install the piston from the top and then bolt on crank--

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    you need to have the 1100 crank to go with the 1100 crankcase,if you have a crank from a 1200 you will need to change some pins in your 1100 case,you may have the right crank,i was just letting you know that a 1200 crank will work with some minor modifications.
    installing pistons into the cylinder block can be tricky on these motors,some people use coke cans to hold the cylinder,,your best bet is to have someone help but if no help is available you need someway to support the cylinder as you install each piston,do a search on this site,people have several tricks for that,search function is your friend.

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    Thanks I did try searching but did not see anything? Other question is how do you compress the rings while installing and is there an order of which Pistons to insert first?

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    I compressed the rings with my fingers,just make sure they stay lined up with the pin in the piston,If you have someone hold the cylinder you can compress the rings with your fingers and have your helper lower the cylinder block down while you guide the piston in,i do not believe there is a certain order to install the pistons into the cylinders,there are several posts on here to help you but i am not sure what keywords i used,it has been awhile since i did that.

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