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    today i found one of the oetiker clamps from my pto seal had come loose and is just hanging loose on the drive shaft and not on the seal, the clamp looks broken it is the outer clamp closest to pump, inner clamp still is in place, my oil was low and did oil and filter change, could i have been losing oil from this seal, and can i ride still or do i need to install new clamp before riding, can i use jubilee style hose clamp and what needs to be removed to get to this location with tools to affix new clamp, dont want to take to stealer to install one clamp, thanks

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    1. Yes, you are most likely leaking oil from that area.
    2. It's your call but, I would not ride until a new worm/jubilee clamp was put on. Your bailers are basically dumping all the oil that is leaking - while the rainbow sheen on the water may look pretty it's not so good for the environment.
    3. Just follow standard procedure for removing SC and you should have plenty of room - or if you're a contortionist you may be able to get at it as is.

    Almost forgot - others have cleaned between the bearing and the rubber on the seal and applied "right stuff" to make a tight seal but I did not and have not had a problem.

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    Get a worm gear clamp and undo it completely and wrap arround boot/driveshaft and reinstall.
    Or go back with okiter clamp and you can install without removing anything but the SC will need to be removed to access maybe.
    If you were leaking oil you will be able to tell by oil residue in Hull below clamp and you will have oil residue in your stock bailers.

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    I had this problem, and it took me forever to find. Ended up costing me a supercharger rebuild.

    As previously stated, you MIGHT be able to do it with the SC in, but it's a LOT easier with it out. The time I spent fighting it, refusing to take the SC out cause "I almost had it" was a lot longer than the time to take the SC out and get a good hand on it. I didn't seal it with right stuff, but haven't had a problem since!

    Pauly C.

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    Just remember it is imperative than when you unstall a new wormdrive clamp that the width of the band is 9 millimetres and not the standard 12mm ones that are commomly used elsewhere.

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