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    Cylinder Water Leak? GP1200R

    I have a 2000 GP1200R. I am getting a small amount of water in the center cylinder. At idle, it runs on two cylinders but once I get going, the third one kicks in and runs fine, all day long. I assume the bit of water was preventing spark but once the rpms are up, it fires.

    I need to fix this am wondering what to check for first. Was thinking I'd take the head off first to check the gasket. I checked the head bolt torques and they are fine. Any other places to check prior to digging in deeper? thanks

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    Yeah check head gasket. If it looks good apply some grease to it. Could also be the cylinder base gasket, did you replace a cylinder recently? Make sure spark plug is torqued correctly. Carb manifold gasket too could be loose.

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    First I would find out where is leaking ....then why did it leak ......then fix it.

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    I wouldn't run it until you pressure test the engine to find the leak.

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