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    Has anybody put MP1200 carb set up on a 1100T Engine

    Short story- I bought a 97 MP1200 Jet Ski with a motor in the box-- The engine blew on the 1200 and the motor I have to rebuild is 63M 1100T -Crank Cases are from a 1100T -rebuilt crank new pistons and reworked Cyl head .25 over-- and all the other parts are from a 1100T -- The one head that came with it is a Pro etc HP limited up to 170 /190 compression and should use 105 Octane not sure were to get that-- Probably will be on Ebay for sale and use stock head unless I hear different and should use?
    The issue or possible issue is I have the set up from the 1200 for the Intake /reeds and cards and cover.. The 1100T has only one pulse hose and the 1200 has three so I will need to add 2 more to the case? Any suggestions? My thought is to build up the area on the case a little with some JB weld so I can tap straight up with a 1/8 pipe tap to attach nipple for pulse hose or try to find nipples with a smaller dia that I can press in -then no drilling a .339 hole in the case for the pipe tap and use smaller drill?
    Other possible issue could be jetting will it be OK as is or will I need to re jet? Any recommendations for rejeting appreciated--
    The other issue may be how the carb plate will bolt up to the 63 M engine?
    All comments welcome

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    The 1100 and 1200 cases are the same except the pulse fittings,I pulled a couple of fittings out of an old carb and drilled 2 new holes in the 1100 case and tapped the fittings in with some JB weld around them,has worked great,the 1200 intake should bolt right on the 1100 cases so you can use the 1200 setup,I do not know about re-jetting,someone will probably chime in that has more knowledge on this setup.

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    Thanks loks like you have done this did the Ski perform better? I will look for those fitting-- What about the carb plate that goese between the carb and the carb cover does this bolt to the head - I do not see were it goes?

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    You have to use the intake manifold off the 1200 with the 1200 carbs. as stated the cases are the same so it will bolt up the same.

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    Thanks- yes will use the 1200 manifold-- does it matter were I add the pulse nipples I was going to put the 1 for the center Cly in the center area and the other one on the end like the original one on other side? Still have question on the Mounting Plate between the cover and the and the carb were does that mount to the engine?

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    I mounted the pulse nipples on the 1100 case exactly where the ones on the 1200 case are,I could see on the 1100 cases exactly where they are supposed to go,if you are talking about the plate that goes between the carb and carb cover that bolts directly to the top of the carbs,the screws go through the top metal mounting cover and the plate goes in between that and it all mounts to the carbs,not sure if that is what you are asking about.

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    GP 1200 Carbs on a 1100 engine

    for the mounting for were the pulse hoses go do you hav a pic for there locations?
    For the Plate between the carbs understand how that mounts on the carbs but do not see how it will mount to the engine for the 2 bolts by the grease niples?

    Also sounds like you have done this will this bolt up and give better performance or will I need to do some rejeting. If I need to rejet any advice on that

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    i did not re-jet,it will perform better but also will drink more gas,the plate mounts to the head with 10mm short bolts,should be 1 hole on each end of the plate for mounting and 1 hole on each end of the head.i will see if i have a picture of the pulse line fitting location.

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    pulse fitting location

    this case is missing the pulse fittings,so i placed screws in the holes,just look at the 3 screws sticking out.Click image for larger version. 

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    Has anybody put MP1200 carb set up on a 1100T Engine

    Thanks explorer6764 and much appricated

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