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    2010 rxtx 260 mod questions

    i want to put a few mod on my rxtx.. but i don't want to spend a lot of money (700ish)
    i was wondering if anyone had any pointers, i was thinking about these 3 things.

    RIVA Sea-Doo RXT-X 260 Rear Exhaust Kit [RS15100] - $289.95 :

    R&D Intake Grate 255 GTX iS, 2010 260 RXT-X, 2010 260 RXT iS [113-95006] - $160.60 :

    and i was also wondering if this would fit on the rxtx260

    RIVA Pro-Series Sponson Kit [RS26050] - $324.95 :

    last question is would any of this void my warranty,and are ther any other mods i should consider?
    i will thank you in advance

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    I know this is an old post but figured I would respond encase anyone is using the Search button and come across this post. For spending $700ish I would say the First Mod is send ECU to Jerry for 8350 program this was my 1st Mod and COMPLETELY DIFFERENT SKI no speed limiter runs a solid 76mph and gets there fast! Now installing 15/20R impeller and Fizzle Air intake and R&D Grate 113-95006 but Hands Down most Bang for the Buck was VTECH Program from Jerry!! And NO Mechanical Ability Required to hook it back up!!

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