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    1300R FF exhaust question

    I bought the approx $45 dollar part from the shop (cant find it listed anymore) that is basically a short tube of metal... you remove the sound suppression box and install this sleeve in its place (you cut the factory hose)

    It was for a 1200R.... will it also work on a 2004 GP1300R? Or do the 1300R's require "the blue tube"?

    Thanks guys... i would look at the shop manual but im still trying to track one down!

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    it will work with a 1300

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    Blue hose +1
    less clamps, less likelihood of anything leaking IMHO...
    Blue hose is heavier than OEM...

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    Thanks for the replies!

    I guess i should make a new thread for this... but just a quick question....

    Do you know of any parts that could be swapped from a 1200 over to the 1300 for performance? I have a 1200 and i'm considering buying a 1300 friday and then selling off the 1200. I know the 1200 waterbox on the 1300 is an upgrade. What about swapping the exit nozzles? (i cant find what the stock size is on either ski) Anything else?

    Thanks guys!

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    1200 water box works well with the free flow tube on your 1300. Generally for best top speed keep the stock nozzle on the 1300 it should measure 85mm. the one on the 1200 is an 87mm

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