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    new problem driving me nuts.

    2002 1100 stx di i rebuilt the motor new over size piston 0.50 heads was bored to fit the pistons plus new crankshaft. my problem is that the motor has fuel spark and air full battery turns over fine but it backfires like a shoutgun or louder sometimes it starts and sometimes it does not. tech said it was a timing problem thats why it backfires and sometimes it starts, so i looked all over the net to find how to do the timing but no luck. some good people here helped me on making my own cable and software to see whats wrong with the jki but it says i need a update so another thing that i cant find and yes i am running winxp some says xp is no good some say you can use it..... please help spent alot of money on this thing.

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    IMO I would probably take this to a shop to get done if you don't have much experience in setting the timing. You probably don't want to spend the money and I don't blame you but you might end up saving yourself headaches, time and probably more money in the long run. You have already invested a lot into it. What is a little more to make sure it is done right without worries. I would think a shop would charge that much to set it. No harm, no foul though in trying to see if you can do it yourself.

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    DI engines never run quite right if you bore out the cylinders. Digitally controlled exact amount of fuel injected into each jug. Unless you have the special fuel/map cotrol software to remap, it won't run right. Here is a page of the special remapping software when using the bored out cylinders or just alter the f/a ratio.

    Also, there is no timing to adjust on the D.I. engine. It is permanent by the ignition timing wheel wheel on the front of the crank. The magnetic crank position sensor sends the wheel/crank position and sends the info to the ECU (aka EMM.) There aren't many qualified pwc mechanics out there to work on DI engines to say the least. The 2-stroke DI engine is very unique in its electronics (fuel & ignition system which is all controlled by EMM). For example, each injector sprays different amount of fuel in given time and that info is in its 2-dimensional bar code label on the injector body. That info has to be programmed into the EMM. That's why injectors can't be swapped between each cylinder nor between skis.

    See the 2-dim bar code label on each injector.

    The KDIAG is a DOS based software and it runs best by executing the *exe file at the DOS prombt. It works "OK" in 97 Windows. And in 2000 and later Windows, it can be very tempermental giving you a bogus error message saying "You need updated software". Sorry to say but it sounds like you've stepped into sinking sand here.

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