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    Burning Methanol

    All right, I'm tired of getting killed on gas prices. Can a 951 carbed engine run on pure methanol? Can anyone give a close jetting suggestion and how to increase compression?

    I have a 91 Explorer with a 5.0 that runs exclusively on methanol I make at home. A couple years back when we took it in the ass on gasoline I converted my engine. I'm using high perf 12:1 pistons and slightly higher flow rate injectors to compensate for the less energetic burn of alcohol. My fuel savings have way more than paid for the engine work. Now that we are getting butt $%^&#d again by big oil companies, I want to try to convert my Seadoos.

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    Who knows but your motor can always be the guinea pig. Be interesting to find out.

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    Meth is hygroscopic, so it doesnt work well on watercraft

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    Not only is it hydroscopic, also, since it is an alcohol, it doesn't have the lubricating properties (lubricity) of gasoline. Expect very short engine life. Alcohols do not mix well with oils either.
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    There is an additive that Horse Power TV showed that they added to a 55 gal drum for the lube properties. The went way up on the jet size it was ridiculously high. It was a HP small block build. Put out more power than race gas on the dyno. The main problem with methanol is the corrosion problems. That was one thing they where talking about.

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    I was told if you add ass-atone and something Else to your fuel it raises the octane. It is suppose to be a cheap way of doing it. But I would not do it. Somewhere I uses to have a chart that somone gave me. I think it like making nitropropane.

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    I'll throw this out there never tried it on a 2 smoker but Toulene can be used to boost octain.

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    I've been considering running my match race ski on methanol I use to build 2 stroke 4 wheelers that ran on excited methanol (80% methanol -20% nitro methane) they run cooler and make about 25% more power all the way across the board-from idle to max rpm's. Had to modify carbs to run the extra volume of fuel as it takes about twice as much methanol as gas to run. You run the jetting rich- thing about methanol is unburnt fuel gets blown out the exhaust as mostly water vapor and doesn't have the same plug fouling and rich condition problems as gasoline. You have to advance the timing about 5 degrees and use a castor based oil such as the original bean oil klotz. One problem I do see is I always drained the carbs after a ride as methanol eats seals faster than gas- harder to do on a ski. And you do have to re-ring more often as it washes out rings much faster
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    Everyone forget the fuel tank is plastic? Brass jets turn black and will corrode and change size. Seen it on motorcycles now that Ethanol is in the fuel. Not so bad on big jets but low speed and transfer jets will change in a few weeks of sittng

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    I am tossing around the idea of running my kawi 15f project on e85 not much difference in price but its like 110 octane if i remember right


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