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    Need help on my new 95 Polaris SLX 780


    This is my first ski and first time working on one. I have a 95 polaris SLX. I was exceited to get it to the garage to start working on it. I'm four days into the project now and I'm STUCK but I'll start from the first day and work my way to that point because I need help.

    Day One-
    When I got it home I removed/replaced gas, oil, and sparkplugs. I ran up to autozone and bought a new battery and charger. Charged the battery for 12-15 hours.

    Day Two-
    I put the new battery into the ski and tried to fire it up. It was not getting any fire out of the cylinders. Tried different ways of firing it up for an hour or so with no luck. Then I checked the kill switch and the button would not move at all. So I removed the stop switch and there was a dirt dobber in it. I cleaned it out and replaced it back on the ski. My lucky day!!!! The jet ski fired right up and sounded like a champ. So I got a buddy to come out to the lake with me to see if I ran on the water. I did not check the impeller to see if it was moving (of course new to working on jetskis learned a good lesson). Got the ski in the FREEZING water and drifted about 200 yards due to the wind and the ski would fire up fine (smoked a lot however) but did not go when i pushed down the throttle. Luckly I was smart enough to bring a rope so I swam the ski back to the trailer. When we pulled it out of the water I started it back up to see if I was getting any movement out of the driveshaft and impeller. The impeller would not move at all and the driveshaft was moving very slowing but it was not moving with the driveshaft impeller together (beleive they move together?) and I seen metal shaving flaring up through the driveshaft. Got a little irratated so left it alone the rest of the day.

    Day 3-

    Had a buddy come over to help me remove the driveshaft. We could not figure how to remove the driveshaft without taking a lot of parts off. So we removed the impeller and whole backend along with some hoses that were attached. Three hours later we got everything out to get to the driveshaft. The driveshaft came out finally. News to me the driveshaft looked to be in great condition. The metal shavings seem to be coming off the driveshaft impeller.

    And that is were the problem comes to hand. I put my finger down the hole where the driveshaft was and tons of metal shaving came out. So I tried to remove the driveshaft impeller to get a better look but I cannot for the life of me get the driveshaft impeller off. It seems like I need some type of puller to get it out. I cant figure out which way the threads go either.

    If anyone could please explain how to get the driveshaft impeller off without screwing up the engine please help me out and if you think I went wrong anywhere please help out because I'm not sure if I'm doing things right or not.

    Today I'm going over to a buddies house to pick up a 94 polaris that he is giving away. It's only good for parts but I'm sure they will come in handly. I'm going to see if the driveshaft in it matches up with mine. Hope so or else I'll have to order a new one. BTW, does anyone know where to find parts for my ride at a good price and a manuel?

    Thanks for reading my novel and for any feedback or suggestions.

    Will take and upload any pictures if needed


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    Are you trying to remove the impeller which is attached to the pump, or the drive coupler which is attached to the engine?

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    Sorry it's not the driveshaft impeller... Yes its the drive coupler I have already removed the impeller and driveshaft. Trying to learn these part names to jetskis

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    Welcome to the Hulk.

    Here is some useful info>>>> Polaris PWC Knowledge

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    This is the one your looking for
    Dead in the water

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    Welcome to the Hulk Napz.

    Lots of good info listed in the links provided above.

    Please read before you wrench, as you may cause yourself alot more work in the process.

    Check out for schematic diagrams for parts identification and such. (it helps us to know what you're talking about specifically)

    As for parts, it depends on what you need as far as where to source them.

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    Thank you very much! I finally got the driveshaft coupler off the rope trick worked! When I got the coupler off it was destroyed there was three threads left that you could see. I have the part ordered and should be in within 3-4 days.

    Any ideas on why it went bad? I don't want to replace it and have the same thing happen again. I've read that the aligement could be off or the driveshaft could be bent. I checked the driveshaft and it does not appear to be bent. Anything that I may check while I have everything out?

    Again thanks for the help if not for the link from thester the ski would have been in the shop costing me a arm and a leg.

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    Quote Originally Posted by napz22 View Post
    ... coupler ... there was three threads left that you could see...

    Any ideas on why it went bad? I don't want to replace it and have the same thing happen again.

    I've read that the alignment could be off or the driveshaft could be bent. I checked the driveshaft and it does not appear to be bent...
    How did you check the drive shaft straightness?

    What do the splines on the coupler end of the drive shaft look like? Can you post a clear close-up photo?
    Tip: Use close-up mode on the camera, often has a flower icon
    Were the coupler and drive shaft splines well lubricated, or were the splines fairly dry, without grease?

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    The shaft looks fine to me. I didn't check if it was bent with anything though. I did roll it on a flat surface to see if it wobbled any and it didn't. Also it did not look to be lubricated very well but the ski looked as if it had been sitting for a few years the last time it was registed was in 07.

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    Thought the picture would be bigger I'll try to get one bigger!

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