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    gp1200r carb settings

    I wanna start by saying I am fairly new to this and have done alot of research on here and learned alot but I still have a couple of questions. Last year i purchased a 2000 gp1200r with 115 hours on it. it has flame arrestors, d-plate, and high flow exhaust installed along with some other impeller and pump mods (all installed by the previous owner) Last year between 3500 and 4000 rpms it would bog down and i would have to feather it to get it through it. It ran great lower and higher than that rpm range. So after doing some research on here i assumed the carbs needed cleaned and possibly adjusted. Upon taking them apart and counting the turns on the adjusters i dont think they were set right which also makes me wonder if the previous owner installed the correct jets when doing the mods. The adjusters were as follows:

    carb 1, carb 2, carb 3
    high speed--- all the way in, 2 1/8 out, 2 1/4 out
    low speed--- 3 1/8 out, 1 1/2 out, 1 1/2 out

    I dont have the carb completly apart yet to see what jets are in it, but i was just wondering if someone could help me with basleine adjustments and jets for the mods i have. I am new to this, but just from the research i have done it seems to me that carb 1 is way out of adjustment. Shouldnt carb 1 be set alot closer to the other two? I am concerned about running lean especially in the midrange as these skis are known to do. Any help is appreciated. Thanks in advance!

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    look in the how to section under removing the acc pump and there is a list of settings and jets used by others.

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    Thanks for the link, helped alot. I did find out that I had a 125 main jet and a 95 secondary jet installed. I think I am goin the leave the 125 main but change the secondary to a 110 after reading some of the posts. How do I tell which needle and seat I have? I have mine out but have no idea how to tell. I was goin to go with a 1.5 but don't know what I have now. Also the spring that came in the rebuild kit is a shiney silver one, the ones that came out was a yellowish color. I wanted to install 95 gram spring, but dunno what I have or where to get them. Again thanks for any help!

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    it's stamped on bottom of seat

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    Amazing how much you can learn on here from people, but obvious answers like can make you feel pretty small. Haha thanks for the help though

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