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    What the deal with the PV?

    I keep hearing things about the Power Valve on the 1200's and 1300's. They were not on the 97, 98, 99 1200's, then back on in 2000. then back off in 2005. Whats the deal? Is it good or bad to have a PV motor?

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    All things being equal it's my understanding that the 1200 PV motors are stronger than the non-PV predecessors. Horsepower figures will back that up. The main problem with the PowerValves is that they tend to drop the mounting pin which causes the valve itself to fall far enough down the cylinder to come into contact with the piston. That, obviously, gets real ugly, real fast. The solution, wave eater clips, can be installed in a matter of minutes. The clips prevent the mounting pin from dislodging giving you only the prospect of an oil line coming off (if you're not running pre-mix) as the other "only-a-matter-of time" problem.
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    Excellent. Thats exactly the answer I was looking for! Thank you very much. Typically, when does that happen with the pins falling out? I know you cant tell me for sure, but approx. hours?

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    the later version of the power valve did not have this problem but by then the reputation was made. i think they were improved from 2001 on. you should check that. there was no magic amout of hours depends a bunch on how the ski was used. i have upgraded valves and i still went with the wave eaters. riva makes a cure for this as does sbt

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