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    Is the Mag bearing suppost to move?

    I have little experience with 1200r motors and just got this used crank in the mail to replace on a dead motor. Everything looks/feels real nice except the Mag bearing slides back and forth a good 1/2" or so. When you spin it though its real smooth. Is this something normal? I've attached a pic of the bearing just so we are all on the same page on what one im talkin about.
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    yes, only when it is not installed in the cases. The bearing will move and if you didn`t have the flywheel on, it would come right off the end of the crank. There are 2 separate parts, a collar that is pressed onto the crank acts like the inner race that the rollers ride on, and the part that holds the barrel roller bearings is the outer race, which is the bearing itself... The pin in the case will hold the outer race stationary. make sure you line up the outer race to the alignment pin when dropping in the crank...and don`t forget to install new seals...

    these are 1300 cases, but you get the idea...

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    Ahh! Okay cool, thats a big relief. I was worried it somehow got damaged during shipping. Thanks for the clarification and advice.

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