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    did i screw this up

    i installed a set of carbs on my gpr that have the chokes removed and the fuel pump mod done. i also installed f/A's. cat is out too. i used 110 low 120 high one turn low one and a half turn high. should i have used the 125 mains. I want it to be right. it starts runs and idles great. but i dont want to run it lean. can i open the high speed adjusters a 1/4 turn or do i need to pull it back down and change the jets? i know this is easy stuff to most of the guys here but it is a hobby to me. I have fun with it and want to do it well.

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    120 out 1 and a half turns will be fine-just tune in from there with a good tach and keep an eye on the plugs.

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    Always start rich. Turn the top end screw out a total of 2 to 2.5 turns. Go from there. It should be plently rich and safe to run it. Fine tune from there.
    Did you also change needle and seats ?

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    i used changed the needle seats springs and set pop off according to oside bills instructions i think it was a 1.5 ns and a 95 g spring

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