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    Mark Hahn Memorial 300 Bulletin:MUST READ

    Mark Hahn Memorial 300 Bulletin:
    Crazy Horse Requirements
    February 19, 2011
    Your access to the race site on Saturday is through the main gate at Crazy Horse Campground where
    you must stop at the guard shack and pay a $15 per car day use fee and you must fill out the attached
    registration card before you will be allowed to enter. Please fill it out ahead of time or you will be
    holding up the line of cars, or will go to the back of the line.
    The $15 per car fee will get your trailer in as well along with whatever you have inside it. However,
    if you unload your Rhino or Quad and drive it through the gate into the park be prepared to pay
    another $15 vehicle fee.
    No one under 16 may operate any motor vehicle inside the park, and you will be subject to fines or
    penalties from Crazy Horse management for any speeding or reckless operations. Remember, the RV
    guests in the park are Crazy Horse’s customers and we must conduct ourselves accordingly.
    You may not enter the park on Friday, if you want to practice there you can pay the day use fee and
    launch and operate off of the beach at Jet Jam Cove. No one will be allowed to enter the park on race
    day until 7 am , and no boats may be started until 7:30 am. Please read the race notes completely for
    more information.
    Parking is EXTREMELY limited as the park is sold out, so plan on bringing only your pit vehicle
    and trailer down to the beach. Any other vehicles may be parked in the overflow parking lot at the
    top and then walk down to the beach.
    If you have already rented a trailer site of your own from Crazy Horse then you can operate under
    their guest rules.CHregistrationform.pdf

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    Hot Pit Rules

    Mark Hahn Memorial 300, 2011
    Hot Pits Race Rules

    The hot pits are located on the north beach at Crazy Horse Campground, and they start at the “boat house” (the only structure on the beach) and run west (towards California) and face north.

    They are enclosed by metal banner frames and access is limited to arm banded riders and arm banded crew members only.

    No one under 16 years of age is allowed in the hot pits (unless their parents have signed the waivers previously, and they are arm banded), and no smoking is allowed.

    No one is allowed into the pits that has not read and signed the waiver and been arm banded. Armbands issued after the start of the race can only be done at the DSM trailer and a $5 fee per arm band will be imposed. There is no charge for arm bands issued prior to the start of the race.

    All fueling and refueling operations must be performed only in the hot pits, and the rear most part of the boat must be at least 20 feet from the waters edge before any fuel is introduced. Please see the race notes for more details. These rules will be strictly enforced.

    The hot pits will open at 7 am
    (Arizona time) on race day. Your fuel must be stored at the rearmost fence line of the hot pit area but you may not set up any type of pit in this area. Your individual pits will be located along the beach to the west of the hot pits, and only in these, and only with the boat completely removed from
    the water may any work be performed, and no fueling of any type may take place other than inside the hot pits.

    The race will start from the hot pits, and all of this is the same as the previous races. The hot pits are shared, there is no exclusive property. Once your boat is launched your trailer must be moved immediately more than 20 feet from the edge of the water, so as not to be in any ones way. You may
    not wait for your boat with the trailer in the water for more than five minutes.
    Failure to observe these rules will result in penalties applied to the race boat involved. No pickups or full size vehicles are allowed in the pits.

    The hot pits are unfortunately “blow sand” and the traction is no better than previous years. We have tried everything imaginable (grading, watering, dragging, etc.) all with no favorable results. What works best is cooperation between the competitors and teams. You all have the same problem, and
    we ask that you work together as you did in the past. Sadly, we have no alternative to this situation as no other beach in the park is long enough to enable the removal of the boats required for fueling.

    You are welcome to bring along anything that you feel may help you get better traction, (chain link, etc.) however, you will be responsible to remove it after immediately after the event and take it away with you, plus it must be shared if it remains down in the sand after your boat has pitted. If you leave any material in the hot pits, or elsewhere on Crazy Horse property you will be fined. Everything must be removed completely from the site.

    Thank you,
    Race Committee

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