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    Bimini Bahamas Ride of your life!

    Attention Florida, Georgia riders!
    A couple of us are putting together a Trip from Miami to Bimini this summer. Leaving out of the West End. It's around a 51 mile journey. Just putting this out there to see how many might be interested in pitching in for the fuel for the chase boats. We will be led by a 40 foot formula offshore, running twin outboards. So the fuel cost should be reasonable. I will get more details on how much fuel it might take. For now we are just looking to see how many might be interested. It will certainly be much less than the 3 grand they want for the Bimini road rally trip. Just so you know, the fee for customs entry is $150 for boats under 35ft and under.

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    do a search on here.... there is already two of these trips planned already

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    Why would people want to pitch in on fuel costs for a 40ft formula offshore boat as a chaser, just that cost would be outrageous!! As said above, there are allot of people planning this trip, just hook up with them and that's all....everyone looks out for each other!!

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    Weather is Everything on these trips. They can be a "Bunny" or a "Terror". Many a 'ski [sometimes several] has been towed back by the chase boat, due to mechanical misfortunes or "Rider Trauma". The last time I was in St Thomas, I found out it is the cheapest place in the world to purchase a used sailboat, from the huge amount anchored in the bay. The "Travel-magazine" sailors buy them to sail faraway and by the time they get to their first stop in St Thomas, they are so Traumatized they leave the boat and catch a plane back home....

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    We routinly take 60-70 mile trips; albeit in the intracoastal but nonetheless this sounds like a good time. Depending on dates I'm for making the voyage

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    A few of us from Orlando are going this summer.. but we may have our own chase boat.

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