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    New here, picking up a 2006 gp1300r tomorrow.


    I am picking up a 2006 gp1300r tomorrow with about 57 hours on it. This is my first ski or boat of any kind. From the research I have done, I understand this is a pretty good platform. Anything I need to look for before I hand over the money? The ski is stock, but hopefully not for long once I learn what mods I need to do.


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    Welcome to the Hulk.

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    Welcome to the forum

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    Quote Originally Posted by K-Dubb View Post

    I am picking up a 2006 gp1300r tomorrow with about 57 hours on it.
    Welcome to the Hulk.
    Ride it if you can. The '06 w/57hrs should need nothing.
    Bring a flashlight and look up the pump for prop/pump damage.

    Gas, Oil and GO.

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    Unfortunately I will not be able to ride it. However, he is going to hook up a hose for me and start it. I know that is not as good as riding, but it is better than nothing I suppose..

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    why is this? also check compression!!

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    No water nearby . I am driving a ways to get it. Ski came from this person's vacation house in another state.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rich-gpr View Post
    why is this? also check compression!!
    Because we dont all live in Miami and its still freezing outside in most of the country . But check the compression no matter what. I think somewhere around 130 per cylinder, just be sure they are all within +- 5psi of each other. Sounds like you're getting a good ski.

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    Will do!

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