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    Talking seadoo laynard programming

    Hey guys this is motormadness and im looking for someone or a company that has a seadoo programmer for the lanyard after you change the mpem you have to program the lanyard for the new mpem.I have a 96 seadoo xp that has a bad mpem and i will be replacing it and would like to buy a programmer to program the laynard to the mpem.Also would like to kno if i can use the programmer for other skis.I think the program is on a cd and u can download it on your desk top or laptop computer,dont kno for sure but would like to kno more info on this.The neareast dealer to have one programmed from me is 60-70 miles away,so be great if i can do it myself after im done workin on one.Any info would be greatly appretiated. Thanks!

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    Thanks alot beerdart !

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    do you need an MPEM yet?

    i have a couple here, from running skis, WITH matching lanyard cord.


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    No, i finished checking the ski out and the starter gear had worn down and created metal shavings, which got between the mag flywheel and the armature assembly and it must have shorted the armature out to the point where it will start up fine, but when u rev the throttle it starts losing fire to the plugs. I have checked the coil, plugs, plug wires, mpem,relay and put a double carb kit in it and still the same thing, until i checked the armature and noticed how burnt and wore the outside of it was.So im looking for a armature assembly and just fixing some odds and inns for my customer.Need to find a used vts gauge if anyone knos of any! Thanx, Motormadness #304-208-5673

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    i have every thing you need here.

    good, fresh water stator / magnito with cover 150.00
    flywheel ring gear = 50.00
    VTS guage = 50.00
    used statrers from 75.00. also have new.

    and more.

    please let me know if i can help. send me an email, or call the shop during the week to order. thank you
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    Thanks man! I'll let u no.

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