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    Sharp's Marine

    I had a long conversation with Ritchie Sharp from Sharp's Marine in Oswego, NY this past weekend. Lots of stuff jumping off over there.

    Some updates on the 1450 stroker motor, although much of this is already known, some of it is new, and Ritchie would like to get it out there for you guys.

    It will indeed be a full circle, trued and welded 74mm stroker crank. The bore will be 91mm. They have decided that the exhaust valves will be a go, however, they will offer "slugs" and a cap-off for those that don't want to, or can't, run the valves. An example of this would be the red or black (MSX) single pipe. The valves will not clear, period.
    The cylinders will be new, specific to the 1450cc, cast cylinders. These are not reworked stockers. They will have their own head covers as well, as we already know.

    I found it interesting that they will offer a service for those that want to save a little money and tuning time. They will be offering a kit, basically the same engine package, but set up to run with the stock Keihins on pump gas. This will save tons of money on big carb setups and Ritchie said he will be able to set your carbs up to rock-n-roll, although final tuning will have to be monitored obliviously due to different areas, weather, elevation, etc.

    They are going to be building a personal boat for themselves, setup using the "log-pipe". This will allow the valves to clear and may turn out to be an option for running the valves with a single pipe configuration.

    They will be having intake manifolds cast up as well, just like the Polaris High Flow models, so the carbs can be mounted either way. They will already have a relief area in them for use with the Fusion snowmobile reeds.

    He asked me to see if there would be an interest in anything you guys would like to see made. The only example we discussed was wedges. He know that they're getting hard to come by and said he could get some 6* wedges made up. If you have any other ideas, let me know.

    That's about it for now. It was a great talk with a guy that is very easy to talk to. I know a lot of you guys aren't real familiar with the Sharp's, but they have a ton of "hands on" and lots of performance experience.

    Give them a call....

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    3.58" Slug that is a BIG BORE!!!!!!

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    Those manifolds will be a big seller and I'm glad to see the valves are a go again.
    I think they were talking about a 6 month or possible summer release on the 1450??
    And do I also understand correctly, these bad boy cylinders are made from the ground up?
    Will this mean pistons and re-bores will be possible??
    We have just got to be talking some great HP but even more important are the torques numbers-man these are going to pack some muscle!!

    Remember treat Jay and the Sharps REALLY well, they are truly offering some services we'll probably never get another shot at in the Polaris PWC world!!!
    I believe the line starts behind the CT speed junkies!!!

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    8*-9* wedges would be awsome

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