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    R&D performa kit

    I purchased a R&D performer kit .... When Installing the R&D fuel regulator do I hook up the vacuum line ? to make it a rising rate?

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    so you have the stage I kit not the performer kit if you have the FPR with it.....

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    Its the performer kit 1:1 pulley kit, Pink Inj ., Walbro fuel pump ,Power shot etc.and Fuel regulator

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    hey legal u have a 250 , Tey DO NOT need 3/4 of that crap R&D sells in that kit

    cause the pink injector are a waste of time on a 07 U250x

    WAY better of just upping the Fuel pressure and NOT use that stupid piece of shit so called fuel controller


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    I was going to fine tune tomorrow in the water I already tapped the wideband kit........So whats the best setup for performance? I have in this ski:
    Riva ride plate, entry gate, Exhaust,Intake, Intercooler mod,Timing 6 degrees,1: 1 pulley kit ,Walbro 255 pump,Fuel regulator, Pink Injectors and Powershot. since you guys test and tune pls advise asap

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    How do you plan to use the ski? For example riding flat water vs rough water, endurance vs drag race vs CC, etc. This will affect the recommendations a lot.

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    He will be using it for rough water riding definitely. LOL

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