I am now working with the IJSBA, SLDBA and LUCAS OIL to change the classes for PWC drags. To start we have two races this year with SLDBA in Poplar Bluff Mo.
and New Athens Il. to start with. I am wanting to run the same type of classes as the HD. But with no launch pad and to run at a 1000 ft. So you can red light some things I can't change sorry. I am pushing for nice money and to be put on the national tour when we get the bugs worked out. Ken Dollar of Lucas has given me the green light to try to make this happen between the three groups. Lucas Oil mandated safety gear safety gear is a must. At least a USCG approved vest, DOT helmet. neck roll, short sleeve shirt, closed toe foot gear, and ballistic shorts if over 70 mph. The Fuel is gas or oil gas mix.

So what do you think?