Picked up a 99 XL760 for a pretty good price. Ski sat for about 5-6 years outside, next to the dock. The jet pump, ride plate, intake and reverse bucket/cable had a good amount of salt corrosion on them. Took the entire pump off the ski and took all apart the pump to find the wear ring bloated and catching the impeller. My questions are, how freely is the drive shaft supposed to spin without being in the wear ring housing with the impeller still attached? It spins but with some force, not like my Kawasaki. Doesn't grind or catch but need some effort to spin it. Is this normal or is this pump in need of an overhaul? Also, does anyone know what years/model may be interchangeable on this ski with regards to jet pumps? I am gathering most parts are interchangeable except for the length of the driveshaft.