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    Impeller pitch ?


    A few questions--

    What do the numbers represent when refering to an impeller's pitch ?

    What is the stock impeller's pitch on our 04 GTX LTD ? 12/20 sound correct ?

    And... one last question--

    Changing the impeller's pitch to one with more low-end accelleration/power--
    Recomended impeller ?
    Will it need a new intake grate ?
    We don't usually ride in rough water.

    Thanks !!


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    Bumping this question, anyone have an answer about the numbers ?

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    The numbers are the degree angle of the blade. The first number is the leading edge and the second number is the trailering edge. I will post you a pic later, wrenching for a bit.

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    OK, thanks.

    Do you also know the effect of the the two?
    If i go from 12/20 to 13/20 or a 12/21, what difference am i gonna feel ?

    And then theres the bladenumber...
    Is there also a way to compare 3-blade againt 4-blades ?
    For example a 4-blade 12/20 is eqvivalent with a xx/xx 3-blade ?


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    Maybe I could start posting "ttt" on all the threads to get my post count up

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