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    2005 rxp one green and one red

    The green one has low hours and is completely stock. I believe the hours are around 85 hours. The red ski is a stage II with about 150 hours. Both skis have had zero engine problems. I will take best offer for both skis and throw in the trailer. The skis are in Irvine CA.

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    As the rules reguarding sales of skis,motors or hulls i will need a pic posted here of the VIN number to continue to allow the sale of this ski to continue...Its nothing personal,just a security issue to help against stolen skis...If you cannot post a pic of the VIN number i unfortionatly will have to remove the thread...Thanks my friend,I hope you understand.


    The HIN and Motor serial number must be listed in the sale of any ski, hull or motor. Photo evidence of this is required in the ad. Failure to post this will result in the ad being pulled.

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    I will get that info. I have been away from this site for a while and didn't read all the new changes. I have no problem putting that info up. Thanks

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    Are you willing to separate?

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