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Thread: 1300r Hook Up

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    1300r Hook Up

    Hey everyone, I am new to the site and I need some help. I have a 07 gp1300r w/basic bolt ons. R&D intake grate, Solas 14/20 set back,Riva trim tabs,Protec ride plate, groupk head milled,R&D d-plate,Free Flow Cone Flame Arrestor, oil injection block off,Riva EFI controller, sound suppresor removed. I think I got everything. Anyway, I am looking for the best hook-up in rough water. I know the ride plate I have is not that great and if I need to do something different I will. I want to go fast on rough water. Where I live if u want smooth water u have to get up and be on the water by 7:00 and done by 10:00. On the weekends I'm not up by 10:00. Any help would be great. Oh yeah, I ride on Table Rock Lake and Lake of the Ozarks. Thanks

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    Which R&D Intake grate? Consider getting a Skat Prop for rough water hook up. And if you have done it already fill and seal the pump shoe.

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    Have not tried the Skat impeller yet, I have the actual 1300r intake grate and I've got the shoe kit on order. Is there a different ride plate I should look into? I have some porpesing issues also.

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    These 3 things would make a huge difference

    1) step the OEM sponsons, mount the front up and the rear down
    2) shim the trim tabs down - 3 mm washers under the front mounting bolts and 4 mm under the rear bolts
    3) use the XL1200 Ltd reduction pump nozzle

    The rideplate you have is not bad, for your use the stock plate would be a bit better

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    So you think the stock plate with my trim tabs is a better set up on rough water? Thanks, Petros

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    Quote Originally Posted by GP1300ReatsSD View Post
    So you think the stock plate with my trim tabs is a better set up on rough water? Thanks, Petros
    Both Philip and Bill know how to make these hulls handle...
    a stock plate is about the best you`ll get for rough water unless you want to dump 450$ and go with a shred plate that might bolt up without additional work.
    Skat 13\19 as Bill mentioned...

    read up on stepping your stock sponsons, easy mod to do...
    depending on how the ski rides in the rough you may want to try different amount of shims (washers) between the tabs and hull. But what philip suggested is a good start...
    another option: find earlier GPR METAL tabs and use those...

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    get with tommy jordan 2fast4u....he can help you out ALOT

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