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    I have a Polaris msx140 I want to sell the ski it is 2004 2005 good cond looks like new only 40 to 50 hours with trailer full survice does anyone no how much I should put it up for sale for as I don't no please help does £2700 sound ok

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    What country/location are you in?

    2004 was the last year for Polaris PWC production. The HIN number on the rear deck will tell you the model year you have - the last two digits are the model year.

    Your local PWC market and time of year determine what it is worth. If you are in the UK, I expect that it may take some time for you to find the 'right' buyer.

    Tip: The more information you provide, the more likely you are to attract buyer interest. Photos, service history (especially any dealer installed updates), and info such as cylinder compression, are all helpful to a buyer.

    The rules for Greenhulk require you to participate in the forums before you can use the Classifieds to sell your PWC.

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